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The Ace Frehley Wiki is an encyclopedia about everything and anything related to our favorite spaceman from planet Jendel....ACE FREHLEY!

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ACE FREHLEY News(From the Official Ace Frehley Site)[]

Saturday September 12th[]

Ace Frehley Viper Room Show Setlist

Wednesday September 16th[]

Ace Frehley on Rockline

Ace Frehley Wiki News[]

As of Septemebr 16th, Im listening to ANOMALY and throwing pages in EVERYWHERE...CHECK IT OUT!~ Wont be updating the news until more pages have been added....check out till then

Ace Lyrics of the week![]

"When the feeling is right, there's no need ot fight...I'd rather make love to you. So come along for the ride... don't wanna see you hide. You can please me, while I'm pleasing you, yeah! NOW HERE I COME!"

---From the song Stranger in a Strange Land off Aces solo album Frehleys Comet.