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Greatest Hits Live is a live album by Ace Frehley. The album contains 10 live tracks and 2 studio recordings. Tracks 1-6, 8, 10 were recorded in London, England. Tracks 7 and 9 were recorded in Chicago, Illinois. The final 2 studio recordings were outtakes from Frehley's previous greatest hits compilation, Loaded Deck.


Rip It Out (3:40) - Frehley/L. Kelly/S. Kelly

Breakout (3:30) - Frehley/Carr/Scarlet

Cold Gin (6:48) - Frehley

Shock Me (9:44) - Frehley

Rocket Ride (4:54) - Frehley/Delaney

Deuce (4:47) - Simmons

Stranger in a Strange Land (4:29) - Frehley

Separate (4:58) - Frehley/Regan

New York Groove (4:54) - Ballard

Rock Soldiers (7:22) - Frehley/Taylor

One Plus One (3:25) - Fig/Galdston

Give It Me Anyway (4:16) - Frehley/Stead/Scarlet

This material is simply a repackaging/consolidation of material previously released on "12 Picks" (1997) and "Loaded Deck" (1998).

Tracks 1-6, 8 & 9 were recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, England in March 1988 and feature Ace, John Regan, Tod Howarth, and Jamie Oldaker. Tracks 7-10 come from "Loaded Deck." Tracks 7 & 10 were recorded at the Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, September 4, 1987 and feature Ace, Tod, John, and Anton Fig;

Tracks 11-12 are the studio outtakes from "Loaded Deck." "One Plus One" was one of the great unknowns of the Frehley's Comet recording history prior to its release in 1998. Written by Anton Fig and Phil Gladston, the song would be recorded during the first album sessions, but along with "Words Are Not Enough" would be discarded and sit in Megaforce's vaults for over a decade, apparently forgotten by all. "Give It To Me Anyway" was under consideration for use on the "Trouble Walkin'" album and was fully recorded by Ace, Anton, Richie, and John. However, it was not used at the time. Of course, the song had been performed live by Frehley's Comet since 1984 as it was one of the early songs the band wrote.