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Loaded Deck was a greatest hits compilation of Ace Frehley's solo career released in 1997. It was released after the widespread Kiss reunion tour presumably to capitalize on the success. It includes some of Frehley's greatest hits such as "New York Groove", "Rock Soldiers", and a cover of The Move's "Do Ya".


One Plus One (3:25) - Fig/Galdston

Give It Me Anyway (4:16) - Frehley/Stead/Scarlet

Do Ya (3:48) - Lynne

Its Over Now (4:41) - Howarth

Shot Full of Rock (4:46) - Frehley/Scarlet

Stranger in a Strange Land (4:29) - Frehley

Separate (4:58) - Frehley/Regan

New York Groove (4:54) - Ballard

Rock Soldiers (7:22) - Frehley/Taylor

Remember Me (4:55) - Cathcart/Frehley

Fractured II (4:09) - Frehley/Regan

Fractured III (6:40) - Regan/Frehley


Notable tracks not included[]

Although Loaded Deck contains many of Ace Frehley's hits over his career, there are some notable tracks not included. "New York Groove" is the only song on the album from Frehley's most successful solo album, Ace Frehley. No tracks from Frehley's tenure in Kiss are included.

Produced by John Regan.

Tracks 2-6, 11 & 12 previously released, tracks 1 & 2 previously unreleased, tracks 7-9 live.

Release Details[]

Megaforce Worldwide 0202861997-2/4 (US, 1/20/98)

Megaforce ?? (Japan, 6/20/98) Ld3.jpg