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Rock and Roll Over is an album by hard rock band Kiss. Criss's vocals are featured on the tracks "Baby Driver" and "Hard Luck Woman." Paul Stanley, who originally wanted the song to be sung by Rod Stewart, gave it to Criss, after Simmons insisted Criss sing the song instead. Although the single did not equal the success of "Beth," it did become another Top 20 single for the group. Rock and Roll Over was the first Kiss album to ship gold and would eventually rise to double platinum status. It was certified Platinum on January 5, 1977, when it sold 1,000,000 albums and peaked at number 11 on the Billboard pop album chart. Rock and Roll over is the first KISS album where Ace Frehley isnt credited for writing any songs.

In His Own Words[]

"In comparison to Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over was rawer and not as sophisticated. I think it was more KISS.We recorded it at a theater-in-the-round. Eddi Kramer just bought in all this stuff and built a studio. The album was alot of fun todo. Id give it four stars.

  • Quotes taken from the book: KISS:Behind the Mask


I Want You ··· (3:02) - Stanley

Take Me ··· (2:53) - Stanley/Delaney

Calling Dr. Love ··· (3:41) - Simmons

Ladies Room ··· (3:25) - Simmons

Baby Driver ··· (3:39) - Criss/Penridge

Love 'Em And Leave 'Em ··· (3:41) - Simmons

Mr. Speed ··· (3:19) - Stanley/Delaney

See You In Your Dreams ··· (2:31) - Simmons

Hard Luck Woman ··· (3:32) - Stanley

Makin' Love ··· (3:12) - Stanley/Delaney

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Gene Simmons - bass guitar, lead vocals

Paul Stanley - rhythm guitar, lead vocals

Ace Frehley - lead guitar, backing vocals

Peter Criss - drums, tambourine, percussion, vocals

Release Details[]

Casablanca/Microfon SUP-772 (Argentina, 1977)

Casablanca/Phonogram 6399-060 (Argentina, 1980 - Different Artwork)

Casablanca/Astor NBLP-7037 (Australia, 11/76)

Casablanca/Quatro CBLP-9132 (Chile, 1977)

Casablanca/Phonogram 6399-060 (Europe & Americas)

Casablanca/Vogue CBLA-71005/6 (France, 1976)

Casablanca/Bellaphon NB-7006 (Germany, 1976)

Casablanca/Phonogram 6399-060 (Germany, 1980)

Casablanca/Durium D30-260 (Italy, 1976)

Casablanca/Victor VIP-6376 (Japan, 1976 - Gatefold Cover)

Casablanca/Polystar 22S-5 (Japan, 1980)

Polystar R00C-2015 (Japan, 1984)

Polystar P33C-20007 (Japan, 1987 - CD Reissue)

Mercury PHCR-4319 (Japan, 1997 - CD Remaster)

Mercury PHJR-20008 (Japan, 7/15/1998 - Colored Vinyl Box Set)

Universal/Mercury PHCR-94044 (Japan, 9/19/1998 - CD Remaster Reissue)

Universal/Mercury UICY-2509 (Japan, 8/21/02 - Reissue)

Universal/Mercury UICY-93096 (Japan, 7/5/06 - Limited Edition)

Universal/Mercury UICY-6643 (Japan, 3/7/06 - Reissue)

Casablanca/SEM SEL-100-498 (Korea, 197? - 7 tracks! Missing 4, 5, and 10!)

Casablanca/Gamma GX-01-891 (Mexico, 1976)

Casablanca/PolyGram LPR-43048 (Mexico, 1980)

Casablanca/Direction NBLP-7037 (New Zealand, 1976)

Casablanca NAL2-7024 (South Africa, 1976)

Casablanca/Pye CALH-2001 (UK, 2/77 - red, then later black vinyl)

Casablanca/Vertigo 824 150-2 (UK, 5/89 - CD Reissue)

Casablanca NBLP-7037 (US, 11/11/76)

Casablanca/PolyGram 824-150-1/2/4 (US reissue 7/85, CD, 7/87)

Mercury 532-380-2/4 (US Remaster, 8/12/97, no sticker!)

RIAA: Platinum (album purported to be 2X Platinum, but uncertified at that level)